Your Job As A People:

  • Get up when I ask, and feed me.

  • Make the bed, taking care to smooth out the giant fuzzy blanket.

  • Be quiet while I take my nap.

  • Give me treats when I ask for them.

  • Get out of the big comfy chair when I change nap locations.

  • Stop sayingt the words "It's not time." I'll tell you when it's time.

  • Feed me dinner when I want dinner, not when you feel like feeding me.

  • Cook only kitty friendly things for your own dinner, and share them.

  • Don't tell me to shut up when you trying to fall asleep. "Shut up" is rude.

  • If I'm singing or talking all night long, enjoy it, don't complain

  • When night is over, repeat the process

Is that so hard? Is it really?

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