I've noticed, there's a hierarchy to living with People.

It's well established that I have the Woman pretty much where I want her. I say "get up and feed me," and she does. Eventually. I say, "I want to sit in that chair, so move," and she gets up. Eventually. If I start singing at 3 a.m., she calls me to the bed and pets me. I have her trained to give me bites of steak and chicken.

But there's another step in the order of hierarchy here. Tonight the Man was heading outside to take trash out, and she sat up straight as asked him to wait because she had something that needed to go out.

And he waited! He stood there for about 3 minutes, all for the honor of taking to the dumpster a great big bag of cat poop.

I think it was cat poop.

I don't think it belonged to the Woman, but I suppose I could be wrong.

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