I spent a good part of this afternoon having a conversation with a girl cat who was hanging around outside, right under one of my wndows. She kept trying to get me to come out and play, but I didn't want to: there are Sticky Little People out there, plus really big birds and I've seen a couple of huge dogs pooping out there.

Nope, I wanted to stay inside where it's safe and where I have Stinky Goodness every day.

But then she told me why she wanted me to come outside. Dangit!!!! If the People had not had THOSE cut off, I could have had a REALLY good time today.

Man, that girl cat was just howling for me.


The People hate me. They must have hated me on sight to do that to me. And to think I've been nice to them the last couple of days. I'm going to bite one of them tonight while they're sleeping.

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