We get the Grandma again!

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/30/2013 03:48:00 PM

I know it's for a sucky reason, but tomorrow the Man and the Woman are getting into a giant lipstick tube and going to Texas for the Other Grandma's funeral, so the Grandma is going to come feed Buddah and me. So that's a bright point in the silver lining.

If you have questions for Ask Max Monday, go ahead and either ask them in the comment section at my column on mousebreath, or email them to askmaxmonday@gmail.com--I'll still be able to get my column done. The Woman is taking a computer and I can find a way to get her to help me get my work done. And she's coming back on Sunday, anyway, so there will be plenty of time to get it done.

Oh, and look at this!

Since I peed on his other ones, I had to buy Buddah a new toy, and it got here already. He likes it a lot, so I'll refrain from destroying it. For a while.

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Purrs to your humans in their travels but good for you for getting your grandma who is a good thing!

Purrs to your Mom and Dad as they go to the funeral.
It is most kind of you to let Buddah play with his toy for a while ;) heehee
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

I know you love your Grandma so things should be fine. Extra treats Max. Remember? I am going to read Bite Me again. Smoochies.

We're sorry about your grandma, Max...but enjoy your time with your other grandma.

Well dont pee on his toys or he will keep getting NEW ONES and that would be annoying to you.

Dood! Grandma and lots of gooshy! Ok, the reason hoovers, and I hope the mom-size hole in your Woman's heart doesn't affect your feeding schedule.
Big hugs & purrs though.

Try to enjoy your time with the Grandma!

Safe travels to the Mom and milk the Grandma thing for all it's worth!

Pee Ess - we think you've nailed the new header!

So just what is that toy Max? Buddah Pest seems to like it...he's got his claws out & all that. Some kinda bundled up sweat sock with nip in it...his eyes DO look a bit nippy.

We're sending positive thoughts and prayers to your mom and dad. Sorry about the loss of your Other Grandma. Be nice to your humans, ok Max? This is going to be a rough time for them.

I am so sad about your Other Grandma, Max. Enjoy your time with Grandma. Buddah Pest really is enjoying his new nippy kicker.