Bear with me, doods...

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/20/2013 06:10:00 PM

We're changing the template might change a lot tonight. Or it might not change much at all, of we can figure out why the date isn't showing. In any case, we're trying to spiffy the place up for those who don't read the blog via a reader. I'd like it to look classy, but seeing the help I have...not holding my breath.

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Oh Max, give the Woman a break. Srsly.

It's looking good! We think you won't have to beat The Woman with a wet noodle! MOL!

The date is to showing? It's right over links to this post.

There was a template before this one where I couldn't get the date to show up...I gave up on that one.

The womam can fix just about anything from your water fountain to this. Just give her time and it will happen. What are your thinks about the format? Maybe Lion King would be good since you can rerally roar when ya have to get something needing opposable thumbs! MOL

We're sure it will look great no matter what.

Hey Max, I'm impressed. I have had the same exact blog header and stuff ever since I started and that was more than three years ago now. My Human is SOOOOOO lame. It's embarrassing really. I mean, not embarrassing like the BIG SHAVED CIRCLE on my butt, but still....

hay max check it out