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Posted by Max | Posted on 5/08/2013 09:33:00 PM

One of the ones I'm not allowed to use
I really didn't mean to go 5 whole days without blogging anything but real life stuff got in the way. Plus, the Woman was not forthcoming with the laptop. And she won't let me use the ginormous iMac or her MacAir because "those aren't toys and aren't for kitties." Well, duh. The laptop's not technically a toy, either, but I need it to write my mousebreath column and my blog and my books.

Well, I got fed up with her hogging it--because she CAN use the other computers--so I did what any respectable cat would do. I unplugged the cord from the power supply thingy, and a couple hours later the laptop just turned itself off, and she was all "well, hell, my computer just croaked."

She wasn't as upset about it as I thought she would be; I mean, I figured there would be wailing and crying and gnashing of teeth and some I DON'T WANT TO BUY A NEW ONE RIGHT NOW but she was just, "Hmm." She whined about it on FB using her phone, but that was it.

That was really disappointing. And even moreso when it occurred to her a little while later to check the power supply. She plugged it back it and started hogging it all over again.

But aside from that, there's been writing going on. Like my column and we're starting a new book. We haven't gotten very far, but we've started. And Buddah will probably get to write a chapter or two; I asked on Facebook and tons of people said they would like it if he did.

And that's not a figurative tons. I figure if I piled all those people and kitties on an industrial scale, I'd get a good 2 tons out if it. Maybe just 1.25...depends on whether or not people have peed ahead of time.

Just because I like the sentiment...
And oh! Those boobie pens sold so fast that a lot of people who wanted one did get one so the Man ordered a bunch more stuff to make them and should get it all next week, then he has to actually make them. If the Woman has chores for him or wants to drag him to San Francisco to buy chit for her, that might take a while. The last couple of nights he made a few pens out of wood, because not everyone likes acrylic. Some of them look almost classy.

You know, as classy as people can get. 

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What is this about "not letting you use"? Don't you use what you want when you want? I mean come on, you're MAX!

Wow Max, it sounds like you and your human have both been very busy!

Max, you are startin to let the Woman control yer life, and thats just WRONG. Mancat UP dude!

That was a good trick, unplugging the laptop!

dood, just lay on the laptop like Nicky does.

Max!!! I am thrilled about a new book from you! You do have a real talent and so make the most of it! You are one amazing cat there my friend! Don't worry...be happy....and write lots! High five, dood!

Max, you need to get your own laptop. Then the woman can't take it away from you.

We think you should be able to use any puter in the house. None of this "it's not for Max" business.

You are not alone with the computer woes.
We've had spotty innerweb service for the last 3 weeks and totally lost all communication for about 5 days, up until yesterday!
We look forward to a new book Max (and Buddah)!

You know, I would LOVE to hear from Buddah. You never let him say ANYTHING, Max. I mean, not that you should or anything.

Say, didn't Buddah used to have his own blog?

Hey Max, the way I see it the more books you writes the more of yer thinks my Mom has to read to us, an we all loves that lots! Though we misses it when you don't blog cuz we loves the Mom to reads us that, too.

Oh oh and I am almos forgettin to tells you, my the Mom is going to a book signing on Monday to meet you will never guess who - The Cat Daddy JACKSON GALAXY himself! He is coming to our town and we are so excited! She promised I can smell her hand when she comes home if she gets to shake his!!

We wishes YOU could do a book signing so we could meet you. That would make our day.

With kitteh loves,
Spunky (and Buddy, Honey and Winky and the Mommy)

Yep, technically Buddah has a blog...but the requiring of people help made it difficult. The Woman has her blog, my blog, she has to write her books and help me with mine, and all the other things she has to get done...something had to give, and it was Buddah's blog.

He Facebooks once in a while, though, and his profile is public, so anyone can see him there.

I dunno, maybe we should have a Buddah day once a week...I think the Woman could help him once a week.

Hurray! I would love to see The Return of the Buddah! I used to read his blog but at some point I kinda gave up hoping, MOL! Bring him back, Woman!

oh, and Happy Mother's Day!