Hmm. She might be Psychic.

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/19/2013 12:56:00 PM

Ok, I admit it. There was a box in the living room that had 3 of Buddah's toys in it, and I peed in it this morning.


But in my defense, the litter box was unacceptable, so I found the next appropriate thing. I could have whizzed on the bed, or in someone's shoes, or the laundry basket, but I picked a box.

It's not my fault Buddah left his toys in there.

The Woman was not happy. She was not happy enough that I went to bed and curled up, lest I have to listen to "That was not nice" one more time.

I wish mine was red. But it's blue.
A little while ago, though, she woke me up and said she had something I might want to use first, and then she picked me up and carried me to the litter box room, and doods, there was a brand new box in there.

And I got to christen it first.

But the freaky thing is that she knew I had to pee.

How the heck did she know???

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Nothin like a brand new litter box! And we hope this one is an ADDITIONAL one. We have 4 fer the 3 of us. It helps!

She can't blame you. I wouldn't pee in an unacceptable litter box either.

Oh a brand new box? How cool is that?

Mum's are psychic.

That is awesome that you got to break in the litter box! When my human has a new one for me - Binga usually rushes to christen it before I get a chance!

Moms just know these things. I am very happy for your new litter box gift. Couldn't be christened by a better or cuter feline!

A new box and you got to use it first! Blue is OK, too!

A pawsome new litter box? And you gots to use it first? Too cool!

Hmm...we could use new litter boxes too. Maybe we'll have to try your way of letting mom know, MOL!

Every once in a while beans actually get us!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

The Woman is absolutely the BEST!
We got to know her better in your last book...she seems to know just what to do and when to do it.

Patches peed in our toy box a few months ago. and there were more than 3 toys in it, waaay more! Like nearly every toy in the house.