Man, I just dunno...

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/12/2013 09:49:00 PM

This guy...I really like this guy. He totally gets me, even though he doesn't know me. And if you don't know who he is, well, I am so sorry.

(Psst...that's Jackson Galaxy; he speaks cat. And he rocks.)

Every week, the Woman records My Cat From Hell, and we watch it together the next evening. I sit on her lap and root for the kitties, and she sits there and grumbles at the people. Well, not all the people. Just the clueless ones.

I've mentioned it before, but she's kind of a pain after she watches it because she spends the next hour chasing me around the house saying carp like Let me love you, kitty cat! and it's a royal pain the the tuckus.

But tonight? Man...we got a couple weeks behind and just watched the episode where this cute little girl kitty was totally being bullied by a boy kitty named Buddy. It wasn't really Buddy's fault; his person was a total doosh, and Buddy had to have taken his bully cues from the doosh.

Well, this just got the woman all riled up and she was hissing some not so nice things at the TV, and doods, she was all YAY when the girl kitty's person split from the boy kitty's doosh. But that wasn't even the worst of it.

Holy cripes, she felt so bad and then so good for the girl kitty that SHE SQUEEZED ME! She'd been petting me all nice and then WHAM.


It's not like she squeezed me hard. It was just undignified. And doods, no one should be undignified when the great Jackson Galaxy is in their living room, even if he is just on the TV.

I am so humiliated.

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My human and I saw that episode when it first aired. We HATED that awful guy and think it is really too bad that he brings out the worst in Buddy. We were amazed at the human's transformation after she dumped the jerk - she looked like a totally different person, a lot happier and more relaxed! And the same with her kitty, after Jackson helped her heal from her trauma.

Watching My Cat From Hell is one of the highlights of the week for us!

We don't watch that cuz our Mom thinks she's got it all figured out. ::roflmfbo:

(rollin on floor laffin my furry bum off)

OMC! Mom and I watched that one too, and you wouldn't believe the things Mom said to the TV when that doofus was on! Mom used a lot of words on the bad werds list and she even gave the guy "her social finger" more than once.

I didn't get squeezed though, thank bast.

oh my bast - how humiliating! what did you do to get over it?

Oh my! We love Jackson Galaxy in our house. While we missed that episode, I can understand how humiliating that was for you Max. Though you should give her a break. She just loves you so much man. :)

My human heard that guy say about two things and she said, "She needs to dump him" and then she kept getting angry at what a drip the guy was. She was really really happy when the girl actually did. He was a jerk.

Mom does not watch it, but saw him in the Tonight show! We are sorry you got squeezed, but that i the affect he has on kitties and people!

I hate watching that show lol.

Jackson Galaxy is awesome!!!! I read his book and I watch his show! he totally gets cats!! And he has tattoos of them on his arms!!

Mom got all cheery over that one too. We leave the room, all the cat cries make us nervous.

OMC Max, we all just watched that episode on Saturday night and mine the Mom was jus plain spewin all kinds of words... doosh wad prolly the mildest word she used. The guy who that Buddy lived with shouldn't even be allowed to have cats own him. My the Mom wanted that Buddy to come live with us and our Buddy, he'd get treated a lot better!

And not to rub it in, but the Mom is leavin right now to go get her book and rub hands with Mr. Jackson hisself. I'm so mad cuz I wanna go with the Mom and rub on his leg or something to thank him. Maybe she will let me sniff her hand, I can hopes...

We loves you Mr Max,

Spunky, Winky, Honey and Buddy (and the Mom)

Aw, let her squeeze you, Max. We think Jackson would approve. :)

We don't have cable anymore but we used to watch Animal Precinct and Mom would hug me so hard afterwards. Then she'd usually fart, 'cause that's what humans do.

Hey, everyone needs a good squeeze now and then. Deal with it Max.

Our house's fur-daddy loves this show. I did like the one show where when the couple moved, they did not have things for the cat to climb on. Our little one finds things on her own. My problem is they have disturbed my owl collection thanks to her climbing. Can only hope little one will grow out of bad habits.

We dont watch cuz TBT cant stand the stoopid Beins. We dont watch sitcoms fer the same reason.

But The Woman reely shouldnt get all squeezy on you...

Aw Max! I know how ya feel but just remember that it wasn't your idea and maybe the woman just needed to hug her Kitty cuz she felt so bad for Buddy. Do cats "blush" ??? I always wondered. High paws Max!

Oh Max, You would have been so PROUD of me--that poop just freakin' EXPLODED outta me.

Only problem was--it got all over me since I was in my carrier and I didn't get any on other people. And even though the Human *tried* --really she did--to use some warm cloths to clean me up, I was just freaking not going to let her and I ran away UTB and tried to do the job myself and I did get a lot of it off but then I barfed and barfed and frankly Max, it was AWFUL. When I sort of "dried up" I decided to let her brush it off me and then she took some stabby things that she didn't stab me with but used to CUT some of my dried up poopy tailio furs off and so finally I think I am kind of clean but it has been an AWFUL 36 hours, my furiend. Sheesh.

I saw that episode and am fully convinced Derek should meet a toothy death!