Posted by Max | Posted on 5/03/2013 10:35:00 PM

All right, here's the rule: if a person is having a meal and the kitty is good and does not beg nor get on the table or do anything really obnoxious, the kitty gets a bite. If it's something the kitty cannot have, the kitty gets a crunchy treat. THAT'S THE RULE.

So tonight the Woman had a baked potato. I don't care if she had it for a snack, that's a meal food, which means all rules are in place. I sat there on the floor being VERY GOOD and didn't even meow at her to remind her I was there. I held up my end of the bargain.

So when she finished, I expected a crunchy treat. But doods, not only did I not get a treat, she looked at me and said, "You just ate your gooshy food like five minutes ago."


That's not the point! The point is that I followed the rule! WHERE'S MY CRUNCHY TREAT??!?!!?

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Well, Max, I'll tell you where your crunchy treat is--but you probably already know. It is NOWHERE NEAR YOUR MOUTH, that's where it is. Because your WOMAN violated the Pact you made in good faith. That's just how the Humans ARE, Max. I'd have thought you'd have known that by now. It's touching, really, the trust you have in your Woman, but she'll betray it every time.

Max....precious Kitty...the Woman probably was not in the mood to follow the rules! I would charge her double treats for every time you have to remind her. Then again...your friend who sent that big box of stuff might see this and send another nip banana so you can get happy whole she retreads your book on the Rules!!! LOL

You have RULES like that, Max? We have no rules! If a human is eating and we want to check it out, we jump on the table and do it! And we get a taste if it is fish or chicken, no matter what. In your house, Binga would NEVER get anything!


You deserve extra for that insult!!

WOW! You are 100% right. You deserve a treat. What she did to you is so wrong.

Max what's up with the Woman. Rules are rules and are not made to be broken. Maybe the Woman needs to re-read Bite Me as a reminder. Just saying.
Pee Es: Baked spuds are okay but you didn't miss out Dood.

Max, the humans should NOT be allowed to change the rules. Some pillow deserves to be pooped on....just sayin'.

Shocking! You need cattorney at paw!

We have learned that people can change the rules with out asking us!

That just isn't right!

Max, my heart bleeds for you. Really. I'm dripping on the floor. And Ichiro is licking it up because he thinks that's a treat. Maybe it bleeds for me too?

Yikes, sounds like the woman needs to re-learn the rules. Do you comment when she has a snack before (or after) dinner? Hmmmm...we is sure you'll figure a way to learn her! MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Max! I need help! I heard the people talk about coyotes in my neighborhood and how some cats have been found DEAD and I go outside a lot! What should I do!

A lick of butter off that potato would have been nice. Me...I would have helped myself.

Max S.

Max, you needs to poop on her pillow. Like now. Mebbe twice.

Pee es where does one buy the nip bananas? I keep asking my Mommy for one and she says she doesn't knows where to buys one. Me and my brofur and sisfurs need some.

You definitely OWED many treats! Taters are NOT edible kitty food.

Kate, try That's where I get my nip bananas and the will deliver them to your door!!!

Kate there are lots of places to get good nip bananas, like Amazon and Drs Foster Smith, but my favorite place is from -- they have KILLER nip bananas and the money supports the kitties.