Posted by Max | Posted on 5/17/2013 05:40:00 PM

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Is that *Waffles*? And does Katie know?

Who knew vegetables could be so much fun.

MOL MOL MOL!!! Princeton brought Mom a potato once, she doesn't know how many days he had been playing with it. Heh-heh.

Pee Ess - so funny that we just shared on the human sis FB!

MOL! We think Mom Paula has a new bag of potatoes. We need to sneak into the pantry.

I don't think it's Waffles...found it on reddit posted as a kitty from Latvia, but ya never know.

This one is a kitten. Waffles is a very big Scottish Fold cat.

Hi Max!!!!

Oh my gosh! MOL! Someone get that kitty a real cat toy! If he's that wild with a potato, just think what he'll do with a real toy!

Playing hot potato?

MOL ! We have to try it ! Loupi and Zorro

MOL That kitty is having such a great time! I think the kitten is ready to take on a nip banana so real happiness sets in before he/she wears himself/herself out.

I think that's a wind-up toy kitten, Max. Surely nothing *real* could do that!

Wow! I need to find myself a potato.

I just keep coming back to look at this little scamp. Having soooo much fun!

Whatever that kitten was on, we WANT some!

Me too. ~ TBT