Okay, this one feels like me...

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/24/2013 10:26:00 PM

It's dark. Like my soul.

And the eyes are back. They had to be squished to fit the template, but once again I'm giving you the evil eye.

If you scroll down you'll see that pictures don't quite fit, but when I upload new ones they will. If you have a burning desire to see the entirety of a picture already here that only half which of is showing, just click on it. It'll biggify for you.

And now I have to go to bed...I need rest, because I have to make sure the Woman gets out of bed before noon tomorrow. She's going into SF with DKM, and I think she's going to buy me things, so I want to make sure she's awake bright and early.

I am so helpful.

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I like it and am glad the eyes are back!

We love it that the eyes are back!

Our day is now complete...

I hate it when you can't see me...

Oh yeah...this one is good.

I too like the eyes

Classic Psychokitty eyes!
Love them!