Posted by Max | Posted on 5/25/2013 10:11:00 PM

Lady, you were gone all day. You came home smelling like another kitty. You didn't bring me anything, even though I know you and DKM went shopping. And you really expect me to be all oooh I'mma gonna sit on your lap?


Bring me some crunchy treats, and maybe we'll talk.

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You tell her Max. You tell her...

Traitorous chit. She'll be pandering for your affections later. Be sure to make her EARN it! MOL!

Fact of life Max, people just use you then cast you aside.... You do right, ignore her to teach her a lesson, at LEAST until dinnertime!

First of all, this is an awesome portrait of you Max. It really shows all your gorgeous gorgeousness.

What kind of stores did those two go to in San Francisco?? What other kind are there besides kitty boutiques?

Oh my, these beans take a long time to learn some lessons. We suggest a squish hairball! MOL

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Lots and LOTS of treats. And then some more...

We think you need double treats!

Smelling like another kitty? You need treats every hour!

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Don't let her get away with it, Max!

Aw dear Max! Make her earn your affection now!!! Smelling of another kitty????? That is HORRIBLE!!! I agree! I'd be really hurt too if it happened to me!!! tell her dood! Let her know how hurt you are!!!

That look! Your mum should be sorry she didn't bring something home for you.

High paw, Max. I could not agree with you more. I don't know WHERE they got the idea they could just go "out," willy-nilly, with nary a request for permission nor a word of explanation when they return. It'is just another outrage is what it is.