Damn Humans

Posted by Max | Posted on 5/16/2013 09:09:00 PM


First she squeezed me.


And tonight? Tonight she made herself a waffle, and it smelled awesome, with all the butter and stuff, but would she let me have a taste?


I asked nicely and everything. I even repeated myself 52 times to make sure she understood that I wasn't begging, but that I would like just the tiniest of tastes, because I've never had a waffle.


Doods, I felt like Miles Meezer, not getting the deserved French Toast. WHICH I HAVE ALSO NOT TASTED.

I hope she remembers this at 3 in the morning, because that's when I am filing my Official Complaint.

In triplicate.

200 times.

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You go Max cause you know what? That sounds like a horrendous day.

Ugh, a waffle? Really? I would have wanted the butter, and none of the rest of that. Ick.

Did the Woman even tells you WHY you couldn't have a little piece of the waffle? Are waffles bad for kittehs? My the Mom gave me a little tiny piece of one a long time ago and I didn't hork or nuffin. Of course it didn't have any of the yucky sticky stuff on it, just a tiny bit of butter, but I had been a good girl so she sneeked me a little bite. A real little bite cuz I can only eat little bites haha. I didn't get sick, was I sposed to?

Dood, this is all kinds of wrong. Let us know if you need help filing that complaint! Heh-heh.

Poor dear Max! How do you ever survive with all the NOs you keep getting! My two kitties said you are welcome here anytime! Of course mama doesn't give kitties any human food cause they are not allowed by the stabby lady but maybe you might be fine cause you can be our house. guest! You wouldn't mind sharing Janie's kitty bed in the woffies' room.....would you? They have their own really cool crates made up like soft mattresses and they do not come out till mama wakes up each morning. They protect and care for the kitties especially Jamie! We'd be happy to have you here.:-)

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And if ythe Woman moans about when you filed your complaint, tell her to take it up with the people who keep the office open 24/7. If complaints are only meant to be filed in daylight hours, then they should keep the office closed at other times.

Sydney, Austra;oa

The Woman stepped. On, Yer. Tail? She DOES know that earns ya a WEEK of treats TWICE a day, right? We mean, thats yer TAIL dood.

Its PRIVATE territory. One of the parts of us the Beins CANT ever understand.

Its "Tail-Envy" fer sure!

I suppose she tried to tell you it had ONIONS or GRAPES in it or sumfing else "bad for the cat" -- as if you cannot SEE for yourself that it has only the yummiest of ingredients and THAT, my furiend, is your answer right there. She is SELFISH and wanted all that yummy deliciousness for her own self. Humans!

Thanks for leaving me all those nice messages with excellent Purposeful Pooping tips. Next time, it won't be all over ME, I can tell you that. But there better not even BE a nixt time.

You know what the perfect antedote to squeezing is? A little squirt. That'll stop that nonsense. It might even save your tail with the resulting avoidance. As for the waffle? I'd report her to the ASPCA.

My cat always wants my food, it dosn't matter if she had the best food this morning or if she hate five minutes ago. She especially likes stealing my pizza if left unattended =S

Man, you've had a rough day Max. We thinks payback is gonna be somethin real interesting, MOL!

Sasha, Sami,& Saku

She deserves whatever punishment you choose to dole out, Max.

Just even a lick of the butter. We don't like the bread of french toast but we do like the butter.

oh that was just wrong..