So. There was a change in plans.

Posted by Max | Posted on 6/01/2013 11:05:00 PM

Because of reasons, we didn't get the Grandma. The people packed their bags and left yesterday morning, but came home in the afternoon. They got as far as LA and came home, but that's okay because I wasn't done sitting on the Woman's lap and trying to make her feel better.

So once she sat down, that's just what I did. We watched some TV together even though there's no more Doctor Who until like September which totally blows, and the only times I got up were when she had to pee.

And doods, that happens a lot, so I was able to run and munch on some crunchy food and drink some water pretty much whenever I felt like it. She was about 5 kinds of happy, thinking I was waiting for her to get back...I don't think she knows I went about my business while she was doing hers.

Today I think she feels a little better. She hates the idea of there being a world without her mom in it, but is glad that she had a long life and was well cared for in her later years when things weren't all sunshine blowing out her asterisk. And she died the day before what would have been her and the Other Grandpa's 64th wedding anniversary, so the Woman pretty sure that she just wanted to be with him again.

So it's all right. And my People are all right.

Thank you for all the nice things you meant a lot. And now I have to figure out a way to make them go somewhere so I can really get the Grandma.

She gives good treats.

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We know how hard it was for your Mom to fly or not and to miss her Mom's funeral.

WHat reader are you planning to use when Google drops theirs. Our Google reader disappeared today! We thought we had another month to move things!

Purrs to your human. I'm glad you are helping her to feel better, Max.

I'm using feedly in place of Reader now. It functions quite a bit like Reader and I like it a lot.

We have been thinking of your mom a lot and sending comforting purrs to her. Take good care of her. (((hugs)))

Sending purrs and headbumpies to your Mom. We know you're doing a great job of comforting her. We hope y'all have a lazy Sunday. XOXO

Max, dude, you did a great job this week helping your mum feel better. You go. And yeah, I hope you get Grandma treats soon enough... Purrs to your Mum-

I send my purrs to the Woman. That is thoughtful of you to sit with her to help comfort her.

Keep up the good work Max, we knows your mom appreciates your purrs and lap sitting.

We is purring for your mom too.

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Max, we're sure the woman appreciates you making her feel better. And we bet you'll get extra treats for that.

Max you are such a wonderful comfort to your mom at this time! I am sure that she treasures you a lot! Hugs to the mom......and you!

Sorry ta be stoopid, but it took us a REALLY long time ta figure out why yer peoples came back so soon. Geography isnt our best subject. Seriously, a new friend said we were neighbors cuz we are in Merryland an they were in Del-Aware, so we were lookin out the windows for them until TBT esplained it to us (that they were "across town").

So now we unnerstand that there were traffic lights involved in the trip an they were all red. An somethin about a tornado which we are glad missed us.

You're a great cat, Max.