♫♪ Spider cat, spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does...♫♪

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MOL MOL MOL MOL MOL!!! That is the purrfect song fur that video!

Now THAT's Cool!

Talk about taking advantage of your environment!

That is one smart spider cat!

That is awesome!

That is awesome how he figured that out!

Outstanding!!! Awesome!!! Bravo!!!

Epic, it is epic

Too cool!

We are wondering how that cat figured out the wall-walking to begin with!

Haha! That's hysterical, Max!

I love it!!

Now that is some talent!
Fanks for bisiting, Maz, me feels like we hada selebratee at our site!
(You know, sorta like the pee sensation you had about Jackson Galaxy's personal autograf... Only different.)
Hasa grate weekend!

If that lardbutt Tripper tride it he'd git stuk. I'm gonna try to git him to do that!

I am awestruck! Can I *be* that kitty for five minutes? Please?

That's some serious spidey! MOL

Laura & Taffy

I like the pink garbidge pale.

that is soo cool.

That cat is just awesome. I wish I could do that.


You are invited to my birthday party today, Max and Buddah, too.


hahaha this video reminded me of this hilarious parody of LMFAO with cats http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3yAhglqHck!

Hope that cat got mega treats!


Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party and welcoming Oja to our family.


So admirable, I love it.


Thanks for the advice today Max. The Human has been SO neglectful of me for the past few weeks that she really does owe me a good present. Maybe a window-sill widener should be it. But when I mentioned it to her, she just rolled her eyes. Hmmm.