Seriously? What the heck am I supposed to do with THIS?

The people were having dinner and I asked nicely for some, and this is what they gave me. And it was already half nommed on! The Woman was all, "Oh the cat I had when I was a kid liked to lick these."

Well I got news for you, lady, that was back before there was fire and that poor kitty probably had to lick whatever the heck was available to make sure starvation wasn't a certainty.


Who gives a cat a nommed on corn cob?

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Really! That stuff is chicken feed! We've got some good treats we'll share wif you. Teleport over. The Woman won't know you're gone.

Ummm... I actually like left over cobs, especially if there is a lot of butter on them!

At least my pet was intellegent enough to not even bother to offer it to me when she ate some for dinner last night!
Poor Max!!
Nice dead live shrimpies would be much better. Or cheeseburgers.

What does you Woman think she trying to do? Turn you to the Dark Side?!

Wha??? At least she could have put some butter on it for you.

Man. That is so insulting.

those things are usually drenched in butter which isn't bad for licking..

Somebody better watch their ankles very closely!

Truffle and Brulee

That's just plain gross, Max. What was the woman thinking?? Obviously she wasn't.

OMC the NERVE!!!

Veggies? No we wants meat!

My cat Freda - who I had when I was a kid -- loved left over nommed-on corn on the cob. But she was blind so she didn't mind.

Max, Angel understands this, but Kirby does not care it it has been nommed on!

Max, does that woman have a corn cob for a brain??
We think she's finally losing it....completely.
And locking you in the closet-holy cats!