I did something totally out of character today.

Something I normally don't like to do, not at all.

I went outside.


The Woman had the back door open, and she was standing right outside the door, and I looked and just kind of...stepped out. And then I took two more steps, when she scooped me up and held me, so that I could get a good look at the outside.

And then it occurred to me: I AM OUTSIDE!

So I wanted to go back in.

And she obliged, setting me down on the floor by the door, which she then closed.

But doods.

I went outside.


That's enough excitement for the weekend. I think I'll sleep through the rest of it.

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Wow! What an adventure! Take your time to overcome all these strong upsetting feelings you underwent!


I did that once too - in fact, all three of us snuck outside at the same time! But my human caught us almost immediately and told us to get back inside... and we did!


That was a great adventure. Kirby likes to slip out but he stays close to the house and rolls on the patio!

I've done that a couple of times. It's pretty wild huh? Then you really need a good long nap to process it all.

Ack! You CAN get outside and dont WANT to. We WANT to get outside and CANT! We gotta woerk on this imbalance...

whoa, Max. This is HUGE! Do you think it is something you might do again? DO you think you might bring Bruiser Buddah wif you so you have a posse? This is Major Breaking News. You should call CNN. Seriously.

We've slipped outside a couple of times but Mom Paula grabbed us in a hurry.

Yeah, I have slipped past mum a few times and got to the edge of the patio. Nommed the grass, then mum picks me up so I don't get away. Once she let me actually wander around for a while. It is nice, I like it. Ducky has never been outside to wander. Just me, but not lately.


Max, I LOVE going outside but I rarely get to go out! And the only time I get out there is on a leash. How humiliating!


Max - Outside you say. Very brave of you. Just goes to show what can happen in life when you're not paying attention. Had you been into the nip? Savannah

Mom takes us out all the time. She is with us. I get to walk the yard (all fenced in by myself), but my brother, Vinny is on a leash and harness. He hates it outside.

It's fun you can eat grass, chase bugs, explore and look for an escape. I am too old to jump the fence that's why mom lets me go out without the dreaded leash, but Vinny is younger and she says he can't be trusted.

Try going out again sometime Max, it's really cool.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh outside is bad! - Miles and Sammy


Wow, way to live wild, Max! You da man!

We go out, but only if mom is there to watch us. After eating & barfing grass I usually settle down next to her a chair. Scout likes to sit in the yard and watch squirrels. He has to be on a stake out leash & harness because he will bolt.
I'm older and just stay close.

My Jack has a pop up kitty tent with a zipper door and he likes to hang out outside that way (he'd love to go roam too but it's not happening). He likes the tent best when we fill the bird feeder. The birds seems to know the cat can't get them and flock all around him.