Seriously...I was in there sleeping on the desk chair, getting inspiration and energy for my book, when the Man brought in a big bowl of water and my crunchy food...and then he shut the door! They left me in there for over TWO HOURS. And this wasn't just 20 minutes that FELT like two hours. It was TWO REAL HOURS!

Worse, no one turned the computer on for me, so I couldn't even write or play on Facebook or read blogs. All I really could do was snooze.

When they let me out, the whole house smelled funny, but the kitchen floor sure was a lot cleaner. And then they left the house! They didn't even move my food back.

Later on, after dinner, though, the Woman set this up.

When they were out they bought me a brand new fountain! It looks just like my old one and just like the one in the other room, but it's NEW. And it's MINE.

I mean, I'll let Buddah drink out of it if he wants, but he prefers bowls, so the people have a big bowl of water out for him all the time.

It's not exactly just compensation for two hours of JAIL, but it's a start.

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That sertinly is not compinsashun fur two hours of being in jail...and it's barely a start. Where's yoor real live fresh dead shrimp and box of new toys?

Watch out, we thinks it's a bidet! MOL MOL MOL!!!

The new water thing looks great (it must be, it says "platinum" right on it), but we are a bit worried for you.

When the kitchen floor gets cleaned HERE, it means VISITORS!

Isn't that false imprisonment, Max? Maybe you can sue.

Mom locks me in the bedroom when she drags the rug sucking monster around the house. Then again, I hate the rug sucking monster. Good to see you got a new fountain out of the deal. I like mine a lot.

That is bribery! But good bribery!

you need to demand REAL. LIVE. DEAD. SHRIMP.

I'd love a new fountain but Scout still thinks they are for his personal entertainment and splashes the water all over the place. -Shaggy

That fountain is pretty cool, Max. But we're still trying to figure out why you got locked up.

The (soon-to-be-former?) San Francisco sheriff gotted in a really WHOLE LOT of trubble for sumfing called "misdemeanor false imprisonment." I bet if you called the purrlice they might pick up your People and show them the inside of the local jail. Still, probably then the Younger Human would come over with that DDB and THeN where would you be?

So best move on, Buddy. There'll be some fresh offense soon and this one will recede in your memory.

You should make them feel really guilty for locking you up. Sit there and stare at them. Cry. Moan. Then I bet you'll get more stuff, like catnip mice and fish. I mean, that fountain is nice, but they tried to buy you cheap.