Look at this.

Another dammit machine. And it's humping the thingy that the Woman had on one of the other dammit machines. And when she's on it, it's freaking loud.

Plus, I think if I get too close, it will eat my tail.

I am not in favor of this, not one bit.

I wasn't as worried about the last dammit machine she had in this room. She rarely uses it because it "kills" her knee (she can still walk, dunno what her problem is) but this thing? She used it for a long time tonight. I have a bad feeling I'm gonna be listening to this thing a lot more than I would like.


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Yeah, looks dangerous, too. We'd be skeered. Mebbe you can disable it when she's not home. Good luck!

What was your Woman thinking? It's absolutely useless as a cat tree! Doesn't she know ALL furniture MUST benefit the Kitties?

Thank Cod machines like that make my human's butt hurt (so she says), so I'll never see one of those here.

Hahahaha! We likes dat. Da dammit machine. And it's in da way of da fire thingy too. Not dat you need dat dis time of year. Make sure yoo don't put yur tail too close to dose spokes. Yowsa!

Isn't that why it's called a dammit machine?

Be careful!!!

We just don't understand why humans choose to torture themselves like this, Max.

Do not let our Mom see that! It is getting too hot for her to walk outside so she may want something like this!

Oh Max, bummer man. The Human had a dammit machine but it's gone now. She didn't use it enough to warrant the square fottage it occupied. Maybe the Woman will get tired of it, but I dunno. She seems a lot more committed than mine.

Oh crappity.
Infringing on your space....again!