Nope, I have not gone back outside.
Nope, I have not even tried.
Hey, with this I could be a poet.
I have the talent and didn't know it.

Maybe I could write a song.
♫♪Ah-ah-ah Stayin' inside, stayin' in side, ah-ah-ah stayin' insiiiii-iiiid-iiiid. ♪♫

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

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I can imagine Garfield saying this. Just watched the movie for the fifth time last night and I am still laughing! Cats are just hilarious! Why not give your cats fun time while staying inside the house with this cat toy, Purr-Pet-ual Motion kitty?

hahaha. where do we buy tickets for your next performance?

Wow. Is your next book going to be poetry.

Now that d*mn tune is an earworm!

Max, our mom tells us we're lucky to be inside because it's hot hot hot out . . . we wish we could be out . . .
Pyewacket and Lucy Furr

Max, we think inside is the best place for you to be just like us.

Yeah, Max, inside you don't hafta hunt for your's just handed to you.

Oh Max, how nice--a BeeGees tribute! There's only one left--I guess it is just the BeeGee now?

How fitting! I went outside today. TBT decided that since I dont try to jump the fence (as IF I could), I can join him outside "sometimes". Iza