DOODS! LOOK! Mousebreath had a drawing for Jackson Galaxy's book, and I wanted it sooo bad because I TOTALLY LOVE HIM...and I WON! And I got it in the mail today!

But wait!

He signed it, doods! And he signed it TO ME!
I think I peed myself a little when I read that.

Because, you know, Jackson is THE MAN and he totally gets us kitties, and he saves a lot of us from having some not so great lives. The Woman even learned things watching his show My Cat From Hell, things that made Buddah a little happier when he got to have a couple new high places (even though we already had a few...she figured he's a tree kitty and needs more, and it totally made him happy.) Plus, he has tattoos, so not only is he THE MAN but he's pretty badass, too.

And look! Mousebreath is even on the back cover!

I know this is presumptuous, but I totally have to get my new book finished so I can send him a copy. It won't be as good as his, I'm sure, but Chey keeps telling me it's the right thing to do. And Chey is wise, so I better listen to her.

I think tonight I am going to borrow the Woman's iPad and read this whole, I don't want to read the print copy because DOODS WHAT IF I STAIN IT??? I am totally protecting this book FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

I gotta go pee again.

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Man Max, you are like the luckiest cat ever and if you send Jackson your book, I bet he is like the luckiest Dude ever! Well, unless we sent him me and that would be just a little over the top.

You are so lucky, Max - and you are going to LOVE Jackson's book even more once you are done reading it!

Next time I need something to pad me up to free shipping, I am so buying this book. Thanks Max. And yours will go in my cart as soon as it can...only I don't do Kindles. I need real paper books, because they make me tingly all over. My drug of choice, so to say.

Well, protect the book AFTER ya pee... OK?

Well, Max, this should totally make up for being locked in the closet and getting that raggedy nommed-on corn cob.
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Okay, if you and Sparkle endorse him, I guess he MUST be okay. Concats on winning the book. You are a lucky ManCat, Max. Srsly.

Max you are a very lucky Kitty to win that book. and it's a signed copy and he loves you in a manly way. You are a very special Kitty. of course you didn't have to win a book for us to know that

I learned all about tree kitties from this show. Now we don't complain when Katsu gets on top of the weight machine (6" from the ceiling)and just sits there...

Max, we should TOTALLY send him Chey, over the top or not!!!!!!

Max, that is so freakin' awesome that you won AND that the Man himself autographed it!!

Super Cool Max. We will have to check it out.

OH MY BAST!! That is the coolest thing EVER!!! we LOVE his show

Max, we are soooo jealous!!!!!!
Can't wait for your new one either!

Max we have been catching up with your recent posts and commenting there but you totally deserve to get this book after what you've been putting up with!
Corn cobs, closets and demons! We hope you got those shrimps but the way things have been going, we highly doubt it---are we right?

Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.