The People went out today, and then came home smelling like this.

A dog.

That Damned Dog Butters.

The Younger Human had Younger Human things to do today and someone needed to go take TDDB for a walk, so the People got in the car and drove for HOURS, at least 40 minutes, to go take him outside and let him wander around.

The Woman says his name should be Sir Sniffs-A-Lot because he did that dog thing where they stop every freaking three feet to sniff where other dogs have peed. The Man says he's just doggy Facebooking, but apparently didn't have a lot to say because he only left one status update.

Whatever. They were all OHHE'SSOCUTE and the Woman felt really bad when they were leaving because he got all whiny and crying and made them feel like trolls for leaving and not taking him with them. Well hells bells, they left there to come here so they damn well better NOT leave the Younger Human's place with him.

Then to add insult to injury, tonight the Woman had something for dinner that smelled really good, so I behaved and didn't pester her for anything, but she still didn't give me a tiny taste. So I asked her what bug crawled up her asterisk to make her so mean today but she just said I should eat that because flames would start shooting out my butt later.

That sounds kind of awesome, actually.

Now I'm sitting here, waiting and watching her, because if it was gonna happen to me it will surely happen to her, and I want to see.

I'll try to get pictures to share.

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Oh that's sumthin we definitely want to see!

Can I come see? Maybe we can have a party to watch. That would be so cool. We could all be in your person's bathroom and watch her while she's there too and flames come out...

If the Man starts Passing Gas later & flames shoot out of HIS asterisk, THAT could be really fun to watch!!

I'm not so sure I'd want a front row seat to that event.

You know she's fibbing to you, right? Humans always make stuff up when the just don't want to share.

Whew, she only used *the flames* excuse again! We were fretting that you were going to tell us they packed up some tasties and drove them over to Butters! One day your Womean should get a real case of "flames" for NOT SHARING!

Buffee, Casey, Cody & Angel Mae

I hate to say it, but TDDB is pretty cute. Of course, never as wonderful as you are!

That would be painful for you or her!

Get a video of it, Max, and put it on Youtube!

Yous knows why dogs gots to sniff where other dogs has been? They uses PEE Mail!!!

Well, first, TBT SOMETIMES fergets ta cook US a little of his meats before he tosses them with the hot stuff. Second, ya probly DONT want flames outta yer butt from that hot stuff. Unless Buddah is nappin right near yer butt...

Max, Buddy, ALL of this is just so, so wrong. The only thing that could possibly redeem the horrors of this day is some real live fresh dead shrimp in unlimited quantities. And a nice BBQ'd steak of your very own that you do not have to share with anyone.

Spitty has it all right. I concur!