Ok, it's Mother's Day. The Woman isn't exactly my mother, though she's the closest thing I'll ever have and that's as good as the real thing, I suppose. And she's not a big fan of Mother's Day as it is; she figures she gets a birthday and gets presents then and that's a good time to be nice to her, and there's Christmas where she gets to buy presents and give them, which is her favorite thing, but Mother's day falls into the "Well, it's a nice idea BUT..." realm.

Yeah...she's "special..."
Now, she is a mother, having had the Younger Human and all, but she says that he's good to her all the time, and that's what matters. Today he's working and making the day a little nice for other moms whose kids are taking them out for a stellar and absolutely authentic Italian meal at the Olive Garden, and that makes her happy. Especially if they tip him well.

The People will get together with the Younger Human later this week, when he's not working and she's not all sneezy and coughy.

So, she's not my mother, but... yeah, all I got. And this isn't a Very Important Day to her, but I suppose some acknowledgment should be made. My original plan was to let her sleep in and curl up on her and purr in the morning, but then she went and got the head cold, so I kind needed to do that anyway in order to help her feel better.

I think it's working. She's all coughy today and says she feels drunk because the cold is in her ears, but she looks better and doesn't sound all gurgly.

But. What to do for Mother's Day since I had to do what I was gonna do anyway?

Pimp. That's what I can do. I will totally pimp her out.

Shuddup. Not like that.

You guys know she's a writer, right? She writes mainstream fiction that she calls "literary junkfood." It's not high brow, it's not gonna win any prizes, but that's not an insult. That's what she intended; books to pass the time. Beach reads, maybe. Brain candy. She has an official page at Amazon and everything.

But the latest one is to raise money for the boobies. All the money she earns off this book will go to either her boob walk or someone else's; after she walks for the boobies in July, she'll take the money and donate it to other people's walks.

It's an Amazon and Barnes & Noble in print, and it's on Amazon for the Kindle and Barnes & Noble for the Nook.

It's kind of a memoir and what's the boobie walk like? book all in one. And it's cheap. And did I mention, all the royalties go to the boobies? SAVE THE BOOBIES!

She's also got a few copies here if you want a signed one, but you'd have to ask her how to get one. I don't think she's thought that far ahead yet.

Those are her other books. And mine, too. For some reason, Amazon thinks she wrote them. Whatever gets me a paycheck at the end of the month...

Ok. I pimped her. I purred on her this morning. She looks and sounds better. I can go take a nap now.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms of sticky people and to the Moms of kitties out there. You're all real mothers...

Take that any way you choose.


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"Heh" this was great...Happy Mother's Day for what it's worth!

Yeah, my human isn't my mother either. I'm sort of worried when people think she is...

Our Mom is a mother and a Grandmother!

We bought the book for out Mom to read.

Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!

My human is SO **NOT** my mother! In fact, I am her boss and in charge of her! She is not any sort of mother in fact, and she is quite happy about that. She is also happy to wish actual moms, like yours, happy Mothers Day, even if it is not that big a deal to them.

Hope the Younger Human had a good tip day. It's not so important that the moms go out on "the day" but the point is getting together and thats what counts best.

just scrolled down 'cause we missed a couple posts and there was that Damned Dog Butters!
Dogs are soooo....doggy.

Happy Mother's Day to your Mommy!

You did good, dood. Our Mommy is in awe. She did not know this. She is now FERVENTLY looking to see if she can get ahold of these books. Way to pimp your Mom. XOXO

Yeah, our mum is our "mum" she gives us loves and foods, clean litter box. What more could we want? We gives her loves, purrs and the output from both ends! Purrs.

Good pimping. Ya got the treats as a reward yet?