This kitty is happy because there's turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving doods...I hope you get a ton of real live fresh dead turkey and some crunchy treats. Me, I'm getting some real live fresh dead shrimp! Or I better, cause I saw the Woman stick some in the fridge...

And just for a few more laughs, a few more funny thingies...

Go stuff yourselves and then take 22 naps!

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we just heard we will not get turkey till Saturday!

Happy Thanksgiving. You know I'm loving the third one!

Yes yous has done something productive! Yous has made me laughs!
Have a happy Thanksgiving Day!

Your Mommy is just as messed up as ours! We luf it! Haf a Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

mmmm real live dead shrimp.. you so lucky..

Happy Fanksgibbing, Kitties and Peoples too! ♥ XOXO ♥

I hope you have a good day Max & Buddah! I hope you gets lots and lots of toooorkeeeee and then come over for the House-Trashing Pawty later ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving! Shrimp, huh? I gets hamm. We loves hamm. We loves turkey almost as much, but hamm is goooood!

Happy Shrimpgivings Day!

Who says productive is good? We say laughter is more important. Happy Thanksgiving!

Laura and Taffy