Dear Cynthia Markey, please stop using my email address to sign up for crap at political websites. I don't want to know anything about Al Franken or Minnesota farm politics. I realize this was all likely just from a typo--hell, the Woman has like 5 people using her email address because they can't seem to remember their email address isn't exactly what they wanted it to be--but I'm begging you to think before you sign up for stuff.

My poor email has taken too much abuse lately. It wants to stop bending over and taking it, because the e-lube has worn off.

Thank you,

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Lets go scratch their eyes out! Or at least bite their butt.

Lots of furriends complaining of this. We hopes it's not catching!

Max you have been having way to many puter woes. So hack up the spam and go poop on Cynthia!

WE hope she gets your message!

Can you search her out and forward everything to her. Including your real email from all of us that talks about pooping and stuff?