Man, the days just aren't getting any better, doods. Kimo still isn't home, and to top things off, Herman's little sister, Emma, went to the Bridge. She was a real sweetie and I am really glad that she had a nice Forever Home with Herman and Karen Jo, but I know they're gonna miss her tons.

But, I needed something to make me snicker a little, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Well...*I* thought it was funny...!

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The Mommy is laffin her asterik off! Thanks, we needed that too!

It made us smile too!

That was pretty wacky! My human should put one of those faux squirrel things out in our backyard - it might add some excitement to our Squirrel TV!

Hi-i--i Y-a-a-a! It's Ninja Squirrel!!!

We keep sending mighty motorboat purrs Kimo's way and you gotta know Emma is joining a lot of fine friends across that Bridge. She'll be safe with them.

Max, if nothing else, you've got to focus on ONE thing, dude - in less than 48 hours it's going to be fresh live dead TURKEY day! We've been drooling just thinking about it!

The Catsrbetter Crew, Casey, Buffee, Cody and Angel Mae

That made me laugh a lot, Max! We all need more of that these days.

That was a really funny video! Me laughed so loud my hairy slobbery sisters had to look and then they wanted to chase the squirrel!

That is funny!

momma asked me if i was jealous cuz i have no nuts, then she pointed at my butt and laughed. i hate her.

Thanks for the laugh!

That is so funny! We needed a good laugh with all the sad stuff you mentioned

Fall seems ta be a hard time of year fer us kitties... We are missin Emma, Kimo, and others...

Oh Max, It's hard when you haz to worry about efurrybuddy! That is a funny little movie! Hope your People have picked out a nice plump BIRD --maybe they will STUFF it with stinky goodness just for you?

Mom Paula says thanks for the laugh.

Truffle and Brulee

That little video gave me a much needed smile, Max. Thank you for the kind words about Emma. I am so lucky to have so many thoughtful friends.

Thank you! The squirrel is hilarious! The one that makes the jump is like a ninja.."hiee-yah!"
We are worried sick about Kimo too.