Man...this is turning out to be a sucky Friday. Kimo is still not home, so his people need lots of Mojo and concentrated GET YOUR BUTT HOME KIMO vibes.

And Ginger's sister Quest went to the Bridge today.

She'd had a rough last few months and she's got ShyGurl waiting for her at the Bridge, along with all our other friends who are already there, but still...

I has a sad today...

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Man Max, you are so right. This is not a good Friday at all...

Not a good Friday....we are purring for Kimo and his family and well as Quest's family...

Not a good start to the weekend. Purring that Kimo will be home soon.

Truffle and Brulee

So sorry to hear about your friend Quest, and hoping that Kimo comes home soon.

Sasha, Sami, and Saku

this is awful news...we are so sorry!!!!

We pray that exquisite kitty comes home soon and we are so sorry about your friend's kitty


Purrs to Kimo to get home safely and to Quest's family.

Sorry to hear about the sad events in your day. It is always sad when a friend either moves to the Bridge or goes on a trip without telling us stuff. Purrs, purrs, purrs. Cobalt Jenkins

Oh Max, I has the sads for you. I sure hope Kimo comes home to his People soon. Purrs.

Ginger, Q2 and Mariah send their thanks & love.

I have the sads, too. I hope Kimo gets his furry butt home soonest. Purrs to Quest's family.


Very sad weekend for you Max. Sorry about Quest and we hope that Kimo finds his way back home soon.