All right, doods, we need to harness the power of the CB. Our bud Kimo got out and has been gone all night long, and his people are super worried, and I'm feeling all OH NO with tummy flutters. So start up your Mojo engines and start willing him to get home NOW, and get home safe.

Kimo, the adventure done, ok? Your people are scared, and so are your friends...

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ooooo - dats not good. We got the purrs turned up that Kimo decides to come home soon (and tell his people to look in all the weird spots - mom found Tommy under the neighbor's a/c unit last summer).

We've got our purr motors revved up on high!

We are purring for Mr. Kimo.

We are sending our strongest purrs for Kimo to come home safely.

Purrs fur Kimo to get home safely... NOW!

Thank you for letting us know Max!! We are purring as hard as we can to guide Kimo safely home.
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

We're purring, wagging and praying for a safe return for Kimo.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

I heard about this earlier - I have been purring for Kimo to come home!

I turn on full volume of purrs
Kimo, Back home now !!!
Dude !!! Too long !!! Be safe and come home !
Hugs to your human

Wes is sending the GO HOME vibes to Kimo! Wes has had a few scares with our Kozmo and it makes peoples scared!

We been purring guidance thoughts all day, AN watchin out the windows in case we see Kimo wander past. Its possible! We mean, how big can the world BE annyway? So he might come past our window...

WE will crank up the purrs for Kimo!

Our 11 year old cat, Casey Kitty, just came back home to us after escaping into the Florida woods and pretending to be a "wildcat"! Apparently, Casey didn't find hunting to be as easy as it looks cause he lost 4 whole pounds! Sunday evening our primary staffer lured him into grabbing range by tempting him with tasty chunks of freeze dried chicken liver treats.

We hope Kimo finaly decides that INSIDE is a much, much better place to be and Kimo finds the way back home before you know it!!

With our loudest purrs for Kimo's safety, from Buffee Moon and Cody, the Maine Coon Cats and Angel Mae, the (new) Ragdoll kitten.

We've been sending out our best purrs since we heard the news. Come home now, Kimo!

oh noo, is he back? Come back buddy

Last time I checked, about an hour or so ago, he was still not home. Someone has been nibbling at food his people put out, and I really hope it's him, but they haven't found him yet...

(Max on the Woman's account)

We know your pain! Nothing is okay until everybody is back under the same roof again.

Our Casey kitty was out for 10 DAYS. We'd all but given up hope of ever seeing him again then he found his way back home! Granted, he's got a little PTSD from sudden noises but he'll be back to bossing everybody around again soon.

Just don't give up hope. Us "pampered" house cats are tougher than we look!

XOXOXO - the Fluffers, Buffee Moon, Cody and Angel Mae.

Extra purrs for Kimo's safe return. Its cold where we live, we sure wouldn't want to be outside.

I'm purring my very very hardest and the Human is too. We hope Kimo finds his way home soooooooooon, like right now!

Snickers, tempest calimay, sunari, Baby, TJ, Rascal ( my cats) an I are all praying for a safe and happy reunion that kimo comes home asap.