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Oh, what a sweet Thanksgiving gift! Our Casey Cat lost 4 pounds in his recent 10 day stint pretending to be a "wildcat". We all hope there's some still some real live fresh dead turkey left for Kimo's empty tummy! Casey told us huntin ain't as easy as it looks on TV.

Many happy mews-mews all round for Kimo and his peoples! XoXoXo!!

That is pawsome news!!!

Dip n Dot

Oh that is wonderful news! I was just thinking about him tonight. So glad it was a good outcome!

Yay! We purred so hard fur him! We hopes he's ok. (and lurned his lesson)

You know that's kind of what the woman looked like when she read that this morning. It was scary.

We are happy dancin' with you & the rest of the blogosphere! What a great day! Never give up!

Wonderful news! We have been doing the happy dance all day.

WE are doing the happy dance, too! We are very thankful that he is home, safe and well!

We just love it when our wishes come true!!!!!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure and JJ

I know just how Kimo's people feel. I lost my Turlough once for five days. When he came home I sat on the kitchen floor with him and cried.

We are joining in the happy dance.

Herman and I are doing the happy dance, too.

Yep, that about sums it up perfectly.

Cody and Gracie

purrs, what wonderful news...*happy dance*~

Yee-Hah!!! It's Kimo Sabi again.

Laura and Taffy

Happy purrs!!!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!!! This is the BEST NEWS EVER! We don't know Kimo, but we have been feeling so sad about his being all losted. But now he is HOME!!! His people must be soooooooooo happies!

I am soooooo glad your Kimo came home. My Serena has been missing for about 6 months. She was part Siamese and I think/hope someone stole her who will love her. She was a rescue, but I also raise Highland Lynx cats and thankfully still have 5 of them to comfort me. :)