Doods, I know I am a lucky kitty. I live in a country where men and women volunteer to protect our freedoms, where they--to quote a meme going around--write a blank check to Uncle Sam, and cashing it in means losing their lives, all so the rest of us are protected and free.

You know, there are some places where I wouldn't have much of a chance at a forever home where I get cans of stinky goodness twice a day and crunchy food and treats more often than I should. Where there's a fireplace thingy turned on pretty much any time the people even think I'm cold. Where staying inside all day and sleeping is my right as a cat.

I know I could be living somewhere that I might be dinner for someone else. Or stuck outside in the cold. Or hunting bugs and stuff to feed myself.

Because I was born in the USA, I enjoy the kind of life I have because of men and women who have been willing to offer up the blank check of their lives.

I don't take this lightly, you know.

The Man is a veteran. He didn't go off and fight in a war, but he served in the US Air Force for 20 years and was there in case other men and women needed to be patched up. He could have gone into a war zone, and he accepted it as part of the deal he signed up for.

The Man's Dad served for 20 years, and he did serve during a war. He went to Vietnam. It wasn't easy, that's for sure.

The Woman's Dad was in the Navy during TWO wars. Can you imagine twice? He didn't stay in long enough to retire, but he he stayed as long as he was needed.

I don't know where I would be without them.

I don't know where any of us would be without people like them. So if you know a veteran, today you need to suck it up and give them head butts and purrs, and if you can figure out how, pop off a salute. Because without them?

Doods, without them, you might be what's IN the can of stinky goodness instead of what's nomming it...

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Well said. We wouldn't want to be what's IN the can of stinky goodness, so we're remembering and honouring all those who have served, and sending our purrs to all.

I am purring gratefully for our veterans today! I even wrote about a couple on my blog today.

Max, you said it all! It is so true, too! We thank the Veterans, too!

Great post! We feel very lucky to lif here. Thanks to all our veterans. xoxo

So true, Max, so true. We thank them all.

What a nice post Max--(are you sure Buddah didn't write it?)

Me and the Human salute your Dad and thank him for his long service.

There were endings to sentences and paragraph breaks...soooo not Buddah...

We're glad for all the veterans and current soldiers in our lives. They have done so much for us and ask for nothing in return. Both of our great granddaddies are veterans, one served just after World War II and the other during Vietnam. We're proud to have them as our granddaddies.

Purrs of thanks to The Man, he did his bit for all of us.

Outstanding! An we feel so lame...