Doods. DOODS!

I totally want to write a book for NaNoWriMo this year, but the Woman is not cooperating!

She says she would let me BUT I apparently have to have an IDEA before I can hog the computer for hours every day.

She'll shove her own work aside if I can come up with something really really really fast.

So help me out.

What should the next Psychokitty book be about?

And this is a serious inquiry, so no junk answers, ok? Normally I like funny junk answers but I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!

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Okay what about reviews of human movies from a cat's perspective? I mean some of them are pretty dumb but others like That darn Cat (original version and the name of course) are quite excellent and reflect us as brilliant as we are.

This isn't exactly up your alley but there might be a side of Max that I don't know--2012 predictions are pretty marketable right now cause everyone is scared the world will end. You could have your own set of predictions or maybe you can just talk about how you want your humans to be prepared so that you don't like have any discomforts.

That's the best we can do on short notice but we'll keep thinking... (alas the Woman is not terribly tapped into what's popular right now. As if she ever was.)

OH OH OH. You could do like Max's excellent adventure where you go searching for the ideal owner!!!

Pet peeves about the Humans?
Who we'd like to switch places with for a day? I'd sort of like to swap with Sparkle or one of the Lounge kitties (but then that might be too insular a topic).

We'll try to think some more.

Mebbe an adventure. Like Indiana Jones-ish. A kitteh romance - is there anybody speshul in Max's life? Good luck!

Wait! A tell-all book! Secrets revealed!

Max, if I had a good idea for a book, I'd be writing it!

Wait a minute, maybe I am. Just not for NaNoWriMo.

Kitty Secrets Revealed..The Whole Truth. No, never mind we don't want the humans to know our secrets.

Good luck anyway Max!!!

Well, you can't exactly use this because I'm NaNoing it, BUT I'm writing a book where my three cats save humanity.....they are very heroic and insightful. All I had to do was to invent a way for them to get outside the house at will...

How about a 00kitty scenario? Or a Mission Impossible kitty...something for homeland security perhaps?

How about an advice book? You could give advice on all sorts of stuff--how to con people into giving you more food, how to cope with moving, what to do about sticky people, when is it and when it is not a good time to poop on the pillow or give something a toothy death, etc.

"Toys I Have Known and Loved"

Toys are great, but they also have names. We have the pink cloth ones we call "Softie Mousies". The sisal wrapped ones called "ropies". The rattley mousies. The squeeky mousies. The fevver butt mousies and the firecracker mousies.

Surely a story of toys would be good.

How about the Psychokitty's Guide to Raising a Companion Cat? You could write more things about growing up Budda-pest!

Like how to introduce a kitten to a solitary cat. How to keep the peace in a multicat household. Things the People don't think about, but learn to cope with while adding another kitty body like using screen doors to keep the peace. has BUNCHES of new kitty books but none of them are told from the point of view of the resident cat. Tell your People how YOU would have done things, if they had just bothered to ask!

So GLAD to finally find Max's blog this morning. Because with all of the "this blog has been removed" messages that I got earlier I was worried...

we LOVE Prancer Pie's idea - a tell all book! what are the woman and the man really like. And Buddah, is he really "all there"? stuff like that

A dating book.

"Cats are from Mars; Humans are from Venus" kind of thing.

Give cats advice on attracting "Mr. Right Owner" and give humans advice on attracting a good cat (I realize "good cat" is redundant).

Maybe a chapter on keeping the magic in your kitteh/human relationship.

Dude, my human just finished NaNoWriMo. It was AWFUL! She paid more attention to that darn laptop than she did to us! I mean she fed us and gave out catnip and cleaned the boxes and all, but she wouldn't listen to our suggestions for the book, even tho we sat on her shoulder and tried to show her how wrong she was. You didn't miss anything.