Here's a far less upsetting GIF to make up for the brat below...


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MUCH better! I was kind of upset when I saw yesterday's gif!

Ha ha ha! That *IS* sweet, though ;-) and strangely soothing to watch, over and over.

This kitty loves his teddy bear, all right.

This is the way all kittes should be treated! Watching this gives us happy purrs.

That IS much better and definitely leaves us feeling warm and fuzzy. :-)

THis is a cute kitty and so soothing!

How sweet the kitten with his baby and blankie. We love our blankies!!

We like this one too!

CLICK here and LIKE it there pleasee =)

awwwwww, snuggle time.

Ahhhhh darling! What a contrast.
Still steaming over that other video.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, how sweet! :D

Oh Max, you softy! Come an kittypile with us...

It isn't fatal... MOL!