I dunno what the big deal is...

The people always whine about how hard getting on the treadmill is and how much they sweat and why does it have to hurt so much? Well, I was on it for like an hour and it wasn't hard at all. Actually, it was kind of comfy. I may go back and get on it again, so that I'll be all buff by Christmas...

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I love it too. I hate that it is gone in the apartment for now.


Why is there a giant pack of TP near your dammit machine?

Max, you are buff already. I know, you want to improve on purrfection.

Doesn't look hard at all. Humans complain about the smallest things.

Why, that looks positively EASY Max--you shoulda saved it up for Easy Sunday, hahameow! You look very lordly and commanding up there. Good job!

You are master of the tread mill!

Max! Yous keeps that up and yous will be the buffest!

My human is one of those crazy ones who actually uses the thing with some semblance of enthusiasm. I probably would not get a full hour and a half of peace on it if my human had one here instead of going to the gym.

Hahameow! We thinks you are lookin good already, dood! It must be workin! xoxo

Looking fabulous already, Max. Did you get some pie?? My pumpkin pie was... guess there are no words but NOM.

Our Mommy is laughing out loud saying "that's not how it's supposed to be used!" Personally, we like your way best. Just make sure that your humans don't turn it on by accident.

I showed MY mommy too! I mean, what's all this wailing and gnashing of their fangs about. It's easy peasy!

Max, you're the best. Our mummy is so happy now she knows how to use the machine!

Max, you are already buff. Come on don't overdo. Let your mom have some time since she probably still has to practice her walking.

Man, Max, exercizing sure looks easier than we heard it was! How can ANNY Beins be fat?

We doan know, Max. The two gurls here are telling me they're seeing that floppy tom cat belly on you - or is that all due to the camera?
Our Gurls - Buffee Moon & Angel Mae

the mom complains about that thing too - looks easy to us. and you look buff already

Go Max!

The humans must not be using it correctly.