Ok, it's National Christmas Shopping Day (seriously, people, look at that picture...WTF is wrong with you???) but is the Woman getting up and going out to go buy stuff for me? NO. She's just sitting here playing on Facebook and Jigzone while HGTV drones on in the background. I don't even want her to go out and buy me presents, just STUFF. You know, APPRECIATE MAX toys. I need a new nip banana. She could at least go get me one while it might be on sale.

Not for Christmas. For now. I need it NOW. I don't want anything from the Man and the Woman for Christmas again; like last year I think the money they would spend on toys for me would be better spent on food and stuff for the shelter kitties. And I saved up all my royalties from The Rules so that I could kick in some money, too, and it looks like we'll be able to load the back of the peoples' HHR with stuff. But I think the Woman is going to check to see what they need the most before she goes shopping for that stuff. They might need money more than anything, so if that's the case then the people can buy some toys and stuff and I'll just write 'em a check.

I like getting new stuff, really I do, but I don't need anything more than a new nip banana. And all I really want, I want it RIGHT NOW. I want Kimo to find his way back home and I want my friends' peoples who need jobs to get them today. That's it.

Oh, and the People went to Denny's for Thanksgiving but NO they did NOT bring me any turkey. Denny must be getting cheap with his servings or something, or maybe he really doesn't like me anymore. But the Man gave me some real live fresh dead shrimps, and then later the Woman opened TWO cans of turkey stinky goodness, on just turkey and the other was turkey and rice, so we got to eat a lot even without Denny's help. And after we ate, we took naps near the fireplace thingy.

I'm pretty sure there's more shrimps in the fridge, too, so I have high hopes that I'll get some more today.

And pie. I would like to sample the pie.

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Max, you are so good to think of the people who need jobs. And yes, you probably need a sample of pie if it isn't too rich.

I had slice of cheesecake for breakfast today. Bought it with the intention of taking to my mother yesterday, but she wouldn't have been able to eat it. It's too rich.

Max that is so cool of you. Our humans gave some to Kiva instead too. Now if they would just get me more food but I hear the Woman thinks they can make it until Monday when it won't be so busy any more!

We are waiting till tomorrow for our turkey! and pie!

We hope you get that new nip nanner!
And we want Kimo to come home too!
All your other ideas about the people getting work and the shelter kitties rock too!

Love your generosity, Max! You are indeed one wonderful kitty. Can I mention one little thing to the Woman? The new Christmas layout is lovely ... but I use Max's links to get to your blog and Buddah's! And those links have (sob!) vanished! Might they reappear soon? :)

Hey Max - What Dorothy said. We always go to your blog first, because of course you're the most important, but then we like to use the links at the top to get to Buddah's blog and the woman's blog.

I forgot about links! So I just added some...if I forgot any let me know...

I'm hoping I cam add back my blog list...whatever was hosing everyone's up I hope has been fixed by now...

How thoughtful you are to think of other kitties.

Truffle and Brulee

All in all, sounds like the day wasn't a total loss! We thinks you will reap big rewards fur helpin shelter kittehz!

AND, your blog looks great! xoxo

Your Thanksgiving was better than mine, Max - I have yet to see any turkey! And I know it is in the fridge too - my human brought it home last night from where ever she and her boyfriend went to eat. Maybe I should go on strike.

At least your People did not go AWAY and LEAVE you all by yourself with only the nice neighbor ladies to come coo over you and give you lots of your favorite .... oh, never mind.

I hope you get your nanner NOW, Man.
Wow, Buddah's really in a food coma there, isn't he? I guess you guys made out all right.

Purrs for Nimo and efurrybody who needs them.


Thank you for the Magic Reappearance of the Links -- much appreciated! :)

Apple pie might not be good for kitties.