Last night the woman got up in the middle of the night. She was moaning and groaning and holding her tummy. She probably ate to much or something. The Man got up and they left before the sun was even up and when it was time to feed two hungry kitties you know what happened?? Absolutely nothing!!! They never came back!! Just when I was about to pass out from starvation the Man finally came home to feed us.

He got on the phone and called the Grandma. It turns out that he took the woman to the people stabby place and left her there!! He said they ripped her guts out! It turns out that she has something called a "gallbladder" and its broken. Maybe they will give her a new one.

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I am afraid that they can't give the Woman another gall bladder, but I hope that the operation goes well and that she heals up soon. Thank you for your kind words about my Mother.

Owwwww... that sounds awfully painful. We will keep your Mom in our purrrayers for a quick recovery.

oh no, your poor the mom! getting guts ripped out is painful!

And messy. Minnie sends purrs for a quick recovery. =^..^=

Owww!! our mom had a broken gallbladder and now its gone and she is glad!! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

Boots & Ozzie

Oh my! I just had mine out Max, and the Woman will get well. You just need to take care of her and don't lay on her belly just yet, ok?

I hope the woman is okay!
Are you sure she's not just having things removed so she can lose more weight?

Oww! We hope the Woman feels better soon!

Tiki & Kesey

I hope she feels better soon. That does not sound like any fun. Are you going to purr on her when she comes back?

Your poor mom! I hope she feels much better soon!

Oh no! The poor Woman! We hope she will get well really fast. When she gets home, you and Buddah will have to be nice to her ( must...) and help her heal so she can go back to giving you stinky goodness and stuff.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Max, you had better tell your Mom she better heal fast.. or you will go to the hopital and MAKE the Doc's and RN's work faster in the healing department.
Give her a hug for me.

And she was so excited about going to Vegas too.
Not good timing!

Purrs to you, Max's mom!

We hope the woman feels better very soon. No pillow pooping, you have to look after her.

All my best to The Woman!!
from "Tommy's Mommy"

Chicklet and I will will be saying alot of purr-ayers for her...Our Mom had hers out afore we were borned and she is ok...Just be careful to not jump on her tummy cause it might leave paw print bruises like our brother did and you don't want the Drs to think you abused her....

We are very sorry that the woman's gallbladder broke. We hope she gets better very soon. We're sending her lots of healing purrs.

Purrs that your mum gets better soonest. Have you gall blattered isn't good.

I didn't know that cats could think as well as you do. I've always loved Dogs, and some of them were smarter than me. But since you seem to know what's going on in your house, please tell the Woman that I'm thinking of her and wanting her to get well soon. And not just because she feeds you treats.

Well, we hope that nex time some mergency happens, they will think ta feed ya before they go. We mean, food is IMPORTANT!

Annyway, we hopes the Woman's gall is replaced an she is all happy again soon. So she can feeds ya regular an all, ya know?...

Nope, she won't be getting a new one, but she will be soooooo much happier when they rip out the old one! She won't miss it at all says Mom. And she almost never lies.

Now, you will have to be very nice to the Woman for at least a week or so, but that doesn't mean you can't remind her (gently) when it's time for you to be fed. I mean, sympathy has its limits.

Mom had hers ripped out too, and you know she didn't let me jump on her tummy either. Hope your Woman heals up really fast!

Wow, that's too bad about the woman. We're glad the man finally came home to feed you though...

Gallbladder? Does dat haf sumfin to do wif peeing? Or breathing... no, that's gills. You nefur mentioned she's a fish.
On the brite side, if they took sumfing out of her, maybe she'll way less an eat better share-wif-kitty foods!
Oh, she'll need lotsa purrs an tummy kneading when she gets back.
Best fishes,
Victor & Nina

We hope the Woman gets better soon.

Oh I hope the woman feels better soon. That is Not Good news.

Huffle Mawson

EEEK! Poor The Woman! Sending lots of purrs for her sore stomach. Make sure you spend lots of time sitting on it!

Max, wow, we're sorry to hear that The Woman had to have her guts ripped out. Sounds violent. Do you think this is retribution for what she did to the thing in the ceiling that tells you it's time for dinner?

Hope she feels better soon!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Purrs from my Pumpkin cat for you and the Woman. Hope she's feeling better and that the man feeds you well.

Does this mean that the dog didn't come back to stay for 4 days?

I do not knows what a gall or a bladder is but I sure hopes your Woman gets all better soon. Purrs...