You know that Jenny Craig woman that's just made my life miserable because she's been feeding my people and giving them such tiny meals that there's not enough to share? She totally broke up with the Woman! She'll feed the Man, but I guess she took one look at the Woman and realized "Hey, this [beep] totally cheated on me with the Pizza Guys!" and she said "NO MORE FOOD FOR YOU!"

So now the Woman has to feed herself, which means REAL FOOD! And I bet she makes enough to share with me, because if she doesn't I will sneak into the bathroom and rub my butt on her toothbrush.

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You better watch her. She will be making very small meals since they are just for her!

You mean the Woman will be forced back to steaks an shrimps and ham? COOL!

Demand yer share!

Of course, that doesnt mean ya CANT rub yer butt on the toofbrushes...

Thank Cod you've not wasted away!

That sounds like a threat serious enough to make the Woman share with you, Max. Congratulations on your gizzy. You look great on it.

We're happy to hear you're finally gonna get some real food from's about time!

My Mommeh said to our dad "I just cannot lose these 10 pounds, no matter what I try."

And he said "Then, just don't worry about it."

And she said "All right!"

Arrrr, we're glad to hear the news about the food, matey! We be hopin' ye'll be seein' the good stuff again soon.

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Pirate Krew

You rub your butt on the toothbrush? Awesome! When we were small kitties, the Beans had non electric toothbrushes and they used to be hung in a rack. One day mum came in the bathroom and saw me chewing on the heads. Nowhere near as good as butt rubbing though.

Oh, snap. The pizza guy steps around with your Mom too? Sheesh, that guy's a player...

whoo hoo! your Woman is over that Jenny person. now you'll be able to eat better. she isn't going to start counting "points" is she? i've heard that is equally annoying...

hey, want to really drive her nuts? tell her that I said "hi Kathy" ha ha ha snort ha ha ha snort ha ha ha rolling on the floor ha ha ha snort *wipes tear* ha ha ha

PS i saw that over at Brandi's - Karen