The Woman knows this other woman, and she's a really amazing artist (not the Woman, the OTHER Woman...the Woman can't draw a straight line and likes these weird ass color combos that would freak out a blind man...) Anyway, check this out:

She's putting her artwork on t-shirts and cards and stuff...the Woman has this picture on a t-shirt and it's pretty cool. She's got lots of other cat things, too.

She has several online stores but the Woman got the shirt at her Zazzle shop.

Here's the hard sell...her husband was laid off almost a year ago and they could use all the sales hits they can get. So now might be the time to do a little early holiday shopping.

At least go take a look. I swear, her stuff is wicked cool.

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While the Woman can't get anything she did post the link on a friend's Facebook--and told her to look at the horsey stuff--and there are a lot of horse people on that page! :)

Thanks Max, will mark for CHRISTMAS

That is wicked cool! We'll go check out her stuff and maybe get our mom to buy herself something...

We hopes the OTHER woman has some good selling. The Big Thing says the back yard money tree isn't doing well lately,so ours is goin inta our foods.

Mom Bookmarked it for Christmas shopping.

Oh my Max, I did not know you liked my Art! I can't Thank you enough for putting my Art on your wonderful Blog! Make sure your Mom gives you an extra treat...or two. ;O)

Very cool ... we'll have to go check it out!

That's a great idea, mom's been thinkin' about buyin' all Etsy or all handmade this's good stuff and it helps out real people!

oh wow that is cool stuff! mommy is bookmarking the page for when she gets back to work full time. Christmas might be lean around here this year tho...

but, as long as the Bengals keep beating those slimy Steelers, we'll be happy!