Dooods...yesterday was awesome! There were so many kitty pictures and posts and videos online yesterday that WE TOTALLY WON!!! Maybe now they'll learn that without cats, the Internet would COLLAPSE. Totally it would.

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We are the champions... of the world!

Kitties rule!

Yup! We showed 'em!

Some silly bean, doesn't have a clue that CATS RULE!

Maybe this will prove they need me to lead the humans...

Do you think the stupid people learned their lessons?

Huffle Mawson

Ha! We win. ::snert::

When will they learn that they can't win against us???

Cats rule.

losers are destined to lose, especially when they go up against the kitties of the world. losers losers! no day without cats! ptttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhh

Yep, kitties rule!

I didn't get to do anything. Waahh. On the other paw, thanks for the advise on Mystery's blog. She finally did it, dude! Now her mom can get her own computer and STOP messing with my blog, and I get to copy my blog (lots of widgets, old style without layout) to save stuff and go for it. THANK YOU!!!

Yeah! Thatll learn them...

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