Dooods. We must spread the word to stop the insidiousness of hat a bunch of PEOPLE are trying to do---they want A DAY WITHOUT CATS ON THE INTERNET!

We can't let this happen! THERE MUST BE CATS ON THE INTERNET! So tomorrow, help me thwart their evilness by posting a picture of yourself on your blog. Post anything! Just post!


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WHY would anyone want a day without cats?

a day without cats is like a day without sunshine. and a day without sunshine is like........... night

We are mobilized! We shall prevail!

We will take special pictures

Never fear,
we will be there.

THEY ARE EVIL!!! How could anyone start the day without a cat??

We've got our post ready to go for tomorrow! They shall not win!

I shall post!

Never fear, Max. The Cat Blogosphere will rally (as usual) and will prevail over this idiot!!

This evil cannot stand! Cat parents, fetch out your cameras!

Seems like a publicity stunt.



I'm working on my post now and my picture will definitely be posted on the Internet. I think I'll let mom also post my picture on her facebook page!

I will surely at least bring forward one of my cat pics to my facebook wall.

Max, don't forget to blog tomorrow!

We will NOT stand for this!!! Kittehs tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon and ever after!!!!

They think they're doing this to help us poor us a break...hey, we're gonna give them a break alright!!! Arm and a leg!

We'll be posting for sure!!!

Never gonna happen!

Never gonna happen!!!!!!
Kitties are here to stay!!!
Now...a day without idiots would be nice,heehee
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Silly silly idiots. ::shaking our heads::

Don't worry, Max, we have our post ready to go!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Mine is up, heh, heh. Doing my bit to thwart this crazy notion!


It will NEVER happen!!


what kind of sick disgusting Phil Collins loving freaks wouldn't want cats on the internet??!!??

i posted my picture, even tho i'm looking a little wrung out.

as for the kitty below. i think the only explaination is that its humans must leave such a stink that a shower and big drink is the best option. like ice cold gatoraid and a cold wash cloth on the neck feels so good after a night of hard drinking...i mean catnipping

Of course it didn't happen, but I sure they were referring to cats as in "Felis catus" --not the four-legged-human being variety.