I suppoe I should thank the Man for turning the computer on for me the other day so I could blog...that would be the olite thing to do, but y'all know me... funny thing, too, the Woman is home and on drusg and it's my typing that goes all to hell. Go figure. But she's doin all right... but she won't let me help. We all know my job as the Head Kitty in Charge is to purr on her so that she heals up faster--because if she heals up faster my life will be so much better--but she won't let me climb up on her and purr. So if it takes her a while to heal, it;s her own damned fault!

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We hope that she gets better soon! I'd hate to be without a lap!

Well, we are sending her lots and lots of healing vibes and purrs. Hope she gets all better very soon!

we hope she is feeling better and letting you help her heal

I hope she feels better soon Max. Does the Man know how to give out the real live dead shrimp?

Huffle Mawson

You might find that purring NEAR her has almost the same healing effect as purring ON her.

Max, you had best just lean against her for now instead of climbing onto her lap!

I agree with Daisy, if you can sit ON her, sit NEAR her. Snuggle up and get close.