Ohmygosh. This kitty...this kitty is...something is wrong with this kitty!!! THE HORROR!!! I can't even speak of it, you just have to watch for yourself.

I have to go lie down now.

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I.... faint

How scary! I'll bet he wants to snuggle in the Mom;s bed to get even with her for something.

He needs to learn that you can get water without having your whole head under the faucet! Those wicked humans should put it on a slow drip...

Someone needs to add dialogue to this kitty's moving mouth.

I don't like the water on that high, but that's me any given morning.

Oh my goodness--all that water is something the late Lloyd Bridges needs for 'Sea Hunt."

I need ice cream.


I don't know what to say.

Hahaha! That's getting a drink out of the faucet the hard way, but the kitty seems to like it.

Hilarious! Drinking and head showering at the same time.


That cat is a nutcase!

Wow, that's a helluva way to get a drink!

Dear Max, is there anything wrongs with doing this?
Because I likes putting my head under the shower too and the Giant Kitty likes to soak himself in the huge bucket of water when he takes a bath. Aren't we kittehs allowed to do that? I do hope we are because I would be very sads if I cannot plays with water!

A perplexed 'Oven


I like to drink from the tap too and my head get's a bit wet, but that kitty is just crazy.

Oh... My... Bast...

We thought LC was weerd for not mindin get rained on some, but thats very disturbin! Talk about drinkin the hard way...

Ayla and Iza

That kitty needs his head examined...after he dries it off, of course....

Weird kittie! I don't mind drinking from the running water from the faucet, but I would NEVER stick my whole head in. It is almost like,ACK, that he likes it!

'Oven, there's nothing WRONG with it, per se, it's just unusual and kind freaks me out a little, but only because I don't want my people to expect that outta ME. If you like water, that's kinda cool and I bet it makes you people happy in an odd kinda way...

Max, I just looked at that again and realize that the kitty is pretty smart. By putting his head under the water, he doesn't have to tilt his head to drink the water. He must like the way the water feels. Maybe it's hot there.

But we know that you are smarter than that cat. Love you, Max

Wow. Just wow. Toby likes to drink from the faucet but not stick HIS WHOLE HEAD IN IT !!!!

OH NO!!!