Man, I have been trying to get at the computer for=, like DAYS, but the Woman has been "busy." She says she's been formatting all her books for something called "Smashwords" but really, all I see is her sitting here saying A LOT if inventive words...

Supposedly once she does this her books (in eReader form) will be available at Barnes & Noble, kind of like they are at Amazon.

But notice the most important part: she's doing HER books. Not mine. HER BOOKS.

Clearly, she does not have her priorities right. We all know who sells the most books.

It sure as heck ain't her...

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Hmmmm... Maybe she's just *practicing* on her books until she gets it right, so she doesn't risk messing up the important books!



Pooping may be required.

Huffle Mawson

Yo Max! Watch out for the guy in the bloo shorts. He should be bringing you something from New Hampster soon!

I feel your pain when the Woman ignores you. Mine does the same thing to me, but when mine does it, she's in front of the sewing machine.


yeah, we think she's practicing so that she gets YOUR books formatted right.

Sheesh--seeing you outsell her I would have thought she'd do your books first!

At least when she does yours. she will know what she is doing.

Maybe if she gets them up on B&N she just might catch up with you in sales. Maybe.

Um, dude, more sales at B&N might mean more food for yoo. Just might. Depends on whether she wants to share or not.

When will she ever learn?

Does this mean your Mom will be making a visit to the woodshed? heeheehee
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

max ...dood ...
u hav da funniest laff i've ever herd.
it makez me laff an laff!
jus sayin!

Don't worry, Max. The Woman will do your books, too. I also think that she's practicing on her books, so your books will turn out right. got to hire better help...

We read YOUR books, not HERS...

Nothin gainst HERS, but we read cat books...