Look! I got a gizzy!

Max Gets A Gizzy

Mmm...I think it tastes a little like Millie...


This is so awesome!!!

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That is awesome! it is very pretty ans you look co manly on it!

Max, it so suits you. The reds, whites, a little black in it. Awesome is right.

WOW! It's PERFECT for you! You look Awesome on it!

Glad you like it! Didja notice there are fire-breathing Dragons on the back? Are those not perfect for you?

And you even let Buddah sit on it...

Black and White goes with Red all over...

Puurfect Gizzie Max!

That's a great Gizzy Max, but watch you don't lose it to BP.

I so need one of those. I wonder if they can come to Australia?

Huffle Mawson

What's a gizzie? Looks like a very pretty kitty-size quilt.

Never heard the word gizzy either, but it looks great with you on it, Max! Very cool...

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

coolest gizzy efurr! you look furry kingly there!

it is awesome!

Max, that is a really good color for you!

Just found this for all you kitties to show your humans, so that you can ask for a gizzy too.


It's gorgeous Max. And you look so handsome on it! But I hear someone else likes it too....

Oooooh, very nice, Max. The red quilt complements your furs perfectly.

love your gizzie!
We fixed our blog stuff.
LOVE your gizzie even though it's red.
Sorry about the name thing.
We really love your gizzie.
We're not just being nice because we boo-booed.

Max it is perfect for you! You look absolutely regal on your Gizzy Quilt!
Thank you so much for your purrs and well wishes for our dad! He's home!

Max, that is THE Gizzy Quilt for you! It suits you so well!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Man, Max...that gizzy looks good on you!