Ok, I have a massive case of Teh Fail at blogging this week. The Woman has been hogging the computer, but what else is new? And Buddah's all I'm famouser than you! which is really annoying because it's just not true. But, he got his in the end...he must have eaten a thread, because tonight the Woman had to pull it out of his asterisk, and folks, that was just funny.

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Ya know that's just a little bit ewww... and you know what else? Gemini is standing here with her tail in the Woman's face staring at your nose...

I want to feel sorry for Buddah, really I do. Black cat solidarity and all.

Huffle Mawson


At least she didn't leave him hanging by a thread?


Minnie is laughing her asterisk off! :D

Haha poor Buddah. We are laughing at Monty's comment.

I'm glad that thread went all the way through without causing damage. I have both an ewww and a giggle reaction to the Woman pulling it out of Buddah's bum.

Yep, sounds like Buddah got his in the "end!"

Hahaha...oh, um, poor Buddah. That couldn't be fun. But as long as he wasn't permanently injured, it's funny.

But you should bitey The Woman for hoggin' the computer. We need our Max Time!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

You were famous first, Max!
After all, you are a successful published author!

Ewwww! That could have been really bad. We know a kitty that had to have surgery from eating thread!

Ewwww, but I am so relieved that there was no needle attached to the thread. Poor Buddah.