Today, about an hour after the Man woke up, the People decided they didn't want to eat at home so they were going to eat at some guy named Denny's. That works about as well for me as them eating food that Jenny Craig gives I was a little annoyed. I was good all day long, dammit! And last night, when the Woman didn't take her drugs that make her not pee all night long-and she did it on purpose, go figure--I didn't jump up and down on her bladder and I didn't get in her way when she got up every freaking hour. So they were supposed to stay home and make something kitty friendly that I could share.

But no, they decided Denny could do all the work tonight and left me at home, starving to death. So when they came home, I ignored them a little bit, because truly they deserved to be punished.

But later, when the Man was making his lunch to take when he goes to pass gas, the Woman got up and went into the kitchen too and got this little black box out of the fridge, and on it the box said DENNY'S. And she pulled chicken out of it! And she cut it up and gave it to us! AND Buddah didn't want his so I got that, too!

So clearly, Denny is a really stand up guy to end chicken home for the kitties. I would like to meet him and thank him, but we all know the odds of the people bringing him home.

He makes some REALLY good chicken, dooods! Like, wicked awesome!

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real live dead chicken! you are lucky!

Ah you lucky dude! No one ever gives me leftovers from restaurants!

Wow, ya got brought-home professional-like cooked chicken? Cool. We got some bits when The Big Thing was making his own dinner, but its not the same.

I would like to meet this Denny person and say thank you personally.

Huffle Mawson

We sure would love Denny to send us some nommy chicken!

Cool! It was a good day for ya, Max.

It turned out all right after all!

Wow, who knew that Denny was such a good guy? We're glad that you got to enjoy some tasty real live fresh dead chicken.

Last night, our people left us to eat at someone named Paladar's house. All they brought home were two little fried plantains. And I am pretty sure Mom won't share those with us.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Hmmm, chick-hen, good stuff no matter who makes it!

Surprisingly, hims got pretty good steak, too! Mom should let you try some sometime.

well how come the places that our the mom goes nefur send foods home for us? does she ::GASP:: NOT TELL people that she has meezers and a gingersnap at home who are starving?

we haf to rethink this whole the mom thing. OBVIOUSLY she does not recognize us in public.

Judging from other comments here, you have to give most of the credit to the Woman and the Man for bringing the Denny's chicken home for you.

Hey, Max...we hear Denny is a much better person than Jenny're really lucky!

Oh man, you got 2 helpings of chick-hen!

Dood! That's freaking awesome! Wish mine Momma would do something like that... no, she just CUTS my crunchie intake and makes my belly grumble with fits of anger. One of these days, I'm gonna poop on her pillow to teach her a lesson I swear.

I think the guy who owns a market in Boston is the best and sometimes my mom brings that home to share.

What a coinkydink! My peeple brot home a hole cooked chick-hen from the Costco hunting grounds last nite. And we ALL got sum. It wuz so good and thare wuz so much I had to wake mommy up a cupple of times during the dark to ask if she diddint think we needid to eet more of it. I know thare is more in the cold bocks and I hope I git sum when thay git back from making kitty cat fud munneys.

I'm so glad you got some chicken from Denny. Dad used to love something called pigs in a blanket that Denny made. Sounds like a cozy pig, to me.

This Denny person, you know what? I would like to be in his kitchen.

PS Thanks for following my blog!