Posted by Max | Posted on 1/30/2013 06:36:00 PM

When the Younger Human shows up, something good always happens.

Today, he came to help the Man put a shed together, and while they taught each other new words for the Bad Word List they got the whole thing put together in about 4 hours.

The Woman? Well, she went to Starbucks to play with Facebook and pretend to work on my book.

But after. That's when the good things happened. They all went out and when they came back?


Real live fresh dead cow, cooked to perfection.

He even had some to take home to that Damned Dog Butters, but I'm fine with that because I GOT MINE FIRST!

AND I still get my Stinky Goodness later.


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Now that is a score! But it would be even better if it was real live dead shrimp. I'm a seafood feline...

The younger human always comes through for you!

Dood, you scored in a major way! Now, you can have a nice siesta. Happy Thursday!

Oh. How. Excellent.

Wow! I have never had steak - another thing the humans here don't eat. And I just want to add that while they do eat fish, and my human had some tonight, I did not get any! She said something about it having too many spices. Clearly it was not my day.

Dood.... you must sing your little heart out at 3am to express the joy the glorious noms bring!

Steak, Mmmm, I can only dream of such delicacies. Don't suppose there's any going spare?

thaet is awesome.....steak and new bad werds for the list!!

Yummy! You did score and that is always good.

That's terrific Max!

Max, you are one lucky, we mean cat.

Wow Max you're so lucky! I love real live fresh dead cow, both as steak and as burgers. Winky likes real live fresh dead shrimp better, but not me. My favorite hoomins food is real live fresh dead Chicken McNuggets, but the Mom doesn't eat that stuff too often.

Totally awesome Max!!! Ya struck STEAK!!!!!! How fabulous is that, dood!!! Hope your tummy is really full and really happy! Keep up your great "kitty-ness"!!!