"Hey, Buddy..."

Posted by Max | Posted on 1/11/2013 01:48:00 PM

That's what I'm hearing a lot lately.

Hey Buddy.

Do I look like a Buddy to you?

I don't think so. I look like a Max. But every day now, at least 5 times a day, I hear, "Hey, Buddy" or "Hi, Buddy" or "Hungry, Buddy?"

This morning I jumped up onto the bed to wake the Woman  up, and when she opened her eyes... "'Morning, Buddy."

I was fine with being called "Big Guy." Even okay with "Mister Max." I can stomach it when she calls Buddah "Sweety" or "Sweetypie." Even "Little Man."

But Buddy is crossing the line.

So when she called me that this morning, I nibbled on her hand. Because, you know...I HAVE A NAME.

And I think I'm going to ignore her every time she calls me that from now on.

Unless food is involved.


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Max? I think you look like "Max, sir" - now you just gotta get your human used to saying that.

I call Punkin buddy because she is my best buddy.

Yeah I hate those terms of endearment. Sweet Potato? Really. Do I look like a potato? Thank heavens I'm not Puffalo...

WE think that is pushing it a little far, too!

*My* mom sometimes calls me "Sonny," or worse, "Sonny Pea."

I think that's way worse.

yeah, Buddy is like Dood. Generic.

Max, did the Woman fall on her head and get amnesia or something??

Buddy? Does that mean that ::GASP:: Your Mommy is seeing other cats?!

Max you don't look like a "buddy" but think about humans! They get to feeling like they have a special lifetime companion in their cat and "buddy" in human speak is a special way to say that you have their heart and love all the time! It might not be your choice of words but ya think you can take it like a "man" ? Cause I know your woman loves you so very much and she does have the thumbs to open the stinky goodness! Buddy means food!!!

MOL, when food's involved, any name works!

She went too far this time. You were right to give her The Teeth of Warning.

Well, I often get called "Marley-Buddy", but at least my real name is involved in that. ~ Marley

Hey, Max, Buddy, Pal, Hmmm. I *never* like to disagree with my Idols, but Buddy isn't so bad! It's kind of endearing! I don't mind being called "Buddy"!

I guess in your case, it IS uncomfortably close to "Buddah" though.

Oh, and--Go NINERS!!!!