My downward spiral

Posted by Max | Posted on 1/21/2013 08:21:00 PM

But in a good way.

Remember when I was telling you about the Purina Healthy Weight dry food the people bought for us? And how much we liked it and how good it was working?


Since I told you about it on December 9th, I've lost about a half pound more. Now, the people are all Oh, don't lose weight too fast, Big Guy! and they make adjustments to what they give me to make sure I'm eating enough and not dropping too much weight too fast,but since this is really just a bonus--if I hated the food they'd live with me being whatever weight I am--but the best thing?

We're getting extra gooshy food at night just to make sure I don't lose too fast and get too hungry. I have to enjoy that while I can because a some point, if I gain anything, that'll go away. So I'm enjoying the CARP out of that. So we get Purina Pro Plan or Purina One in the morning, some Fancy Feast for dinner, and more Purina Pro Plan or Purina One before the Woman goes to bed.

What the Woman doesn't like? Every night after we eat, we have ourselves a ripping game of THoE combined with TAG YOU'RE IT. She probably wouldn't mind, but I've kind of jumped on her and run across her laptop to get away from Buddah a couple of times. Maybe three. BUT I DIDN'T BREAK ANYTHING.

Well, maybe some skin.

But just a teeny tiny bit on her hand.

She didn't even cry, so I know it wasn't a big deal.

If it was...oh well. At least it was only 16 pounds of me instead of 18. She should be grateful for that.

In other news...don't be surprised if the template here changes a few times over the next week or so. I like this one but I think it's a little hard to read on the legal paper background, so I'm looking for something spiffier. Hopefully I won't completely break it...

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A lean mean snarky machine! Well not mean, but that's how the saying goes... green? jean? been? queen? No, no, no, let's leave it as it....

We;re glad you didn't do too much damage to the Woman...after all, she has to feed you!!
The Florida Furkids

Max I have been eating the same Healthy Weight formula and I don't think I've lost any weight. Maybe I should stop begging for pieces of chicken and shrimp and turkey meatballs from Mom. . . wait, no, that's an awful idea. --

Good for you. I dodged a bullet. The vet said I was fat but that I wasn't gaining weight but maintaining so I don't need to diet. Cool eh?

We made Mom write that down. We been on diet food from teh Vet and we are not loosing. Maybe she should try this!

Hey--we haven't seen a full-body shot of you in a while, Big Boy ;-) Time to show off that svelte bod???

We think about tinkering with our template but then the room begins to spin for the Human so we don't.

Hey: NINERS! What we need: The world Series champs AND the Super Bowl champs in the same city!

Yeah, I know that story, Dr. Hudson told us that he wanted me at 17 rather 18/19 pounds, but didn't say I was fat, just a big man cat. Mum was torturing me and being rather strict on my food, but now I just scratch at the food door until she gets tired of me doing that and gives me food.

Max in a bikini bod pic!!!

Paws up for a great job on your diet, Max! Keep up the good work! And don't worry about your human - exercise is a GOOD thing!

Good job! Keep it up ... er, down. I need to lose a few too, but we're having trouble figuring it out when the girls have nothing to lose.

Way to go! We love a rousing game of THoE right before bedtime, too. Why don't the peeps care for this, we'll never understand....

Hmm. I wonder if that food would work on my mom.

When I was at the doctor's office last week there was this 40ish year old MAN who emptied his pockets prior to getting weighed! Wallet, car keys, watch *and* his pack of cigarettes!!

When I was at the doctor's office last week there was this 40ish year old MAN who emptied his pockets prior to getting weighed! Wallet, car keys, watch *and* his pack of cigarettes!!

How fast is the fast in losing weight? Derby is down 3 pounds from his high.

We thinks the background is OK for reading, but whatever makes you happy. Mum found us some new background too.

Max, I went to the evil v-e-t yesterday and she told me I had gained too much weight! So the mom says she's gonna check this food out and see if it will help me lose some poundage.


We are trying the new Healthy Weight food on your recommendation too. Not unlimited, but 1/3 at night that Shaggy & I share so we don't scratch a hole through the bedroom door. Shaggy is still quite rotund, so no effect yet. We still get 1/2 can FF each am & pm. -Scout

Now the Human came back to read this and she's actually considering that maybe I have become a little *too* paunchy of late. Not fair! I was always waaaaaay to skinny before--she's just forgotten what normal looks like!

Max, yer ACTIVE? The weight loss is good fer you! Are you gonna chase Buddah out now?

An active Max! Huh. What is the world coming to?

I could not think of anything worse than being put on a diet! Glad yours is working out so well Max.

Congratulations, Max! I am so happy for you. Keep enjoying the carp out of the gooshy food as long as it lasts.