Those who came before me

Posted by Max | Posted on 1/09/2013 05:10:00 PM

Well, and were here with me. Dusty is the Cat Who Came Before Me, and Hank was there when the Younger Human brought me home. I kept hearing about how they really liked each other, but I didn't really believe it until I saw this:

It's not even the only picture of them sharing the same bed. There are lots! I guess she used to groom him, too, licking his face a lot. I liked Hank, but I never got that close to him.

Dusty got to go outside a lot. She couldn't jump, and she didn't try to run, so the people took her outside and stayed right there with her so she could sniff all the sniffs.

I wonder what she was hearing in there.

I just like this picture:

Dusty was pretty awesome from what I hear. I like how she posed. I guess she didn't mind the camera.

Now Hank...

I think he was a little fed up with all the clicking in his face.

I know how he felt...

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It is wonderful that the woman has pictures to prove how much they loved each other!

We were enjoying many of these photos on your Mom's Facebook account (among others). They are very cool.

awwww they look like they really loved each other.

That must have been a wonderful relationship!

The Florida Furkids

Those are some good memories.

Aww, wonderful memories! Dusty was beautiful and Hank was very handsome.

Um, we GOTTA say that staring up into a raingutter is just ASKING for it...

I always like seeing the ones who came before. It's hard to think that they had others before us, but I guess it happens. I'm not sure if I would snuggle with a dog, though. Mom and Dad have friends whose dog thinks the cat is his, and the dog tries to pick the cat up in her mouth. Very funny. (

It looks like they were very good friends.

We've missed some informative posts Max!
Vishus deer, barfing on feet & guilting out the warms (good job!), news on your forthcoming book, Dusty & Hank!
Our woman needs to get visiting more. She's been lazy as the day is long this last month! Sheesh.

thank you for sharing this.

emma and buster