It's getting hot in here

Posted by Max | Posted on 1/12/2013 09:44:00 PM

This has been on since late this afternoon.

Now, I'm not complaining because this is one of my favorite things ever, but usually it doesn't come on until after the people have had dinner.

Lately it's been on a lot more than it used to because they realized I was cold, but today it went on because the Woman was cold.

Fine by me.

I am nice and toasty now, and not going anywhere. Not until she turns it off, and I don't think that'll happen until she heads for bed.

Tonight, it's good to be me.

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Oh lucky you. The Woman here decided they were using their warmer too much so did not turn it on, even though I too am cold!!! Sigh.

It is good to be you!

Oh yeah, we loooove the fireplace! Have an easy Sunday, furriends. xoxo

I wish we had one of those that worked!

We love our fire too, Max. But we only get it on after dinner as well. Why is that????

i'm thinking you are a lucky boy max! i like that. i wish all kitties were lucky. or maybe you just figured out a way to get what you want without being lucky, just smart? that might be it too. oh, sorry, my fish oil is kicking in all bromdenagian like. rats.

smiles, auntie bee

oooooh, hot cat! Mommy says she'd like to pet your toasty furs.

Me really misses having a fireplace!

Lucky you indeed! Stay warm and toasty.

We have a warmy thing like that, but it never gets used here.

Well, it isn't a crackling fire, but the Human has had the radiators on all the time too, and it is OH-SO toasty warm to curl up in front of one!

So, guess Harbaugh made a good call with Kaepernick, eh?? ;-)

It's on at our house too, but only because it butt-numbing cold outside.

We anxiously await the toasty belly up shots!

Ms. Stella O'Houligan